Gnocchi: Potato Pasta with Personality

Gnocchi —Puffs of Potato Goodness

Everyone loves gnocchi when they’re done right. They’re light and chewy with just enough structure to stand up to any sauce you can dish out.

So how do you describe gnocchi’s texture? It’s sturdier than mashed potatoes. Softer than pasta. More delicate than a dumpling. Well, let’s just say this dish is in its own category.

Every region wants to claim gnocchi as their original creation—but it definitely has roots in the soil of Northern Italy. And that means it’s right at home in Ticino.

There’s a lot of disagreement on what the name “gnocchi” means. “Knuckles”? “Knot”? or “Walnut”? All are possibilities to describe this little bite-sized morsel that uses up leftover potatoes. But “delicious” is the best description of all.

Containing cooked potatoes, flour, eggs, salt and natural flavors, gnocchi is an Italian culinary delight. And homemade is the best. Considering how easy it is, why not give it a try?

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