Emmentaler Cheese: Everything You Need To Know

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The blogpost we wanted to highlight Emmentaler what most call Swiss cheese. If you want an authentic Swiss cheese the only choice is Emmentaler.

Emmentaler has been around since 1293 but was first given its name in 1542. This cheese was given the name of Emmentaler because it comes from the Val d’Emme. Which follows Aar River through the mountains of Bern all the way to Lake Brienz near Interlaken. In this valley the cows are taken to the mountains to graze to their hearts content. They are too far away from any markets, so they pool their milk. Being milked twice a day, morning and night, the milk is made into cheese each day and slowly aged for a flavorful and semi-hard textured cheese.

This cheese is unique because it has always been made in this way, the regulations on where and how it is made is a very specific. Each cheese maker has learned this process from generation to generation. The cheese has a very flavorful and unique finish, because the cows graze on flowers, grasses, and even herbs in the mountain pastures. It is a beautiful and artistic tradition that has blessed Switzerland for centuries.

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